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Africa Reborn International is a platform designed to be our safe haven where the best African brains can commune together safely and deliver the Continent of Africa from oppression, humiliation, poverty and advanced slavery.

Further to this is a concept to build a future called Afro City – designed to be our ‘Silicon Valley’, our ‘Dubai’, our ‘New York’ and our cradle of civilization which will drive the African Continent to the first world status.

We Africans know that our best brains are scattered all around the globe helping to develop the already advanced countries whilst these countries take credits for their inventions and innovations. Africa is left to wallow in poverty with bad health care facilities, poor social infrastructures an inefficient educational system, lack of amenities and insecurity.

Africans around the globe are equipped with all it takes to turn Africa’s fortune around with their expertise. The problem is those abroad don’t feel safe coming to Africa to impart the knowledge and skills they have acquired abroad onto the younger generation. This is the reason we need an Afro City.

Afro City will be safe and secure where our professionals and young African geniuses can feel at home devoid of religious, tribal, ethnic and material desires to exchange ideas and map out strategies on how to invent things for Africa and mass produce for Africans. It is strictly for people who have the love of Africa at heart and are ready to lay down their life for the benefits of our unborn generations.

Afro City will bring experts in technology, security, linguistics, history, agriculture, animal husbandry, economics, commerce, science, geology, astronomy whilst mining will be groomed for this project. Their duty is to train Year 12 overall best students across the African continent and prepare them for taking Africa to the next level of civilization. Ten of the best Year 12 students from each African country will be orientated and tasked with the duty of making Africa great again. They will have the privilege to learn from the best of the best.

No African should go to bed hungry. The unification of the African Continent begins with the implementation and realization of Afro City.

Afro City belongs to every African regardless of your roots. As long as you have the melanin running in you, you are African. Afro City will design and produce for Africa, made by Africans and for Africa. This is the beginning of a United Africa and a 50 to a 100-year long project meant to restore Africa’s pride amongst the Committee of Continents.

If North Korea as small as it is, can manufacture ballistic missiles to protect her people, then a United Africa through Afro City can build 1000 fold powerful missiles to protect the People of Africa.

If Japan, South Korea and Vietnam can make electronics, cars and ships, then a United Africa through Afro City can build super charged cars for Africans.

If Singapore can refine 90 percent of the Worlds’ fuel, then a United Africa through Afro City can refine all necessary mineral resources in Africa for Africans.

If America and Europe can build planes, ships and pharmaceutical conglomerates, then a United Africa can so the same for Africans without going into debt.

Afro City is for Africans by Africans made for Africans. The Pyramids were not built in a day but the idea to build it was reasoned in minutes. Implementation of these ideas are paramount to the realization of the dream. In 50 years-time we don’t want any African to go to bed starving without a roof over them. No African must desire to cross the Mediterranean for greener pastures. The greener pasture is in Africa and Afro City will ensure each Country, State and City in Africa is self-sufficient, safe and secured.

In the beginning was nothing and nothing begat something called energy which brings life and it was beautiful. In its beauty was good and evil which brought forth consciousness upon the inhabitants of something.

I thank you for reading my introduction to the philosophy of Africa Reborn International and hope that we will have the opportunity to talk.

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