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Transforming the canvas into a creative depth and interactive Artistic presentation, guided by the Principles of Design.

West Africa Ghana

Collecting trash from the environment to help solve some of the sanitation problems in Ghana, all these waste are put together to make the Art works of Paul Kagame, President : Rwanda, The man who was able to bring unity and Harmony to where there was opposition and contrast. Paul you need to be celebrated. Well done. Africa is Proud of You.Artist : Essilfie Banton

Essilfie BantonThe Earth without ART is EH

Standing Committee ( Akyem Abuakwa State Palace)

I AM essilfiebanton THE ARTIST

Entertaining people through optical illusion Art.

TTT trash to treasure, collecting waste from the environment and converting to priceless Art.

Money is spent manufacturing plastics and other materials which are found in the environment.

We must not throw trash to the environment. Burning them also causes air pollution.

Fellow Ghanaians
Cut out magazine on strawboard
Papa J
Sex with books
UEW Sports

I AM essilfiebanton THE ARTIST.

One of the activities which measures student’s cardiovascular endurance is sports. The University of Education (Winneba) has an establishment known as the Amalgamated Sports College, with the main aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and skills whilst providing enjoyment to participant and in some cases entertainment for the spectators. Entry to the Office of the Amalgamated Sports College: University of Education, Winneba, at the right side of the building closer to the office is stuck with a multi – pictured Mural painting measuring 108 inches by 60 inches. The medium used was acrylic on emulsion wall. The work was done in 2016, titled SPORTS IN UEW and the Artist is essilfiebanton. Scanning or skimming through the mural painting, gives the viewer an optical perception of shapes, lines, colours, texture. There is a predominant use of diagonal lines throughout the work. This causes the eye to sweep into the mural work.

Music and the Soul
Standing Committee
Covid 19 meet Art in Ghana
Beginning of Life
Two are better than One
Ebony Reigns
Number One
B Marley

6 feet by 4 feet
Freedom and Justice
Life on the Sea

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