Community Television Broadcasting

Through the Television Screen


Our Principles are based upon shared values and participatory ethics in journalism. We respect, protect and defend peoples right to be heard, always reinforcing mindful expression. These Principles are the foundation and ethos for the Community Television Broadcasting as a not-for-profit entity, company limited by guarantee.



We view the community through a strength-based approach to listening. We are also careful and respectful in mindfully choosing our content to transmit, striving to reach equity by ensuring everyone has an opportunity to express themselves.

“… Effectively our core and common goals are at a grassroots level – bringing personal stories forward through active listening, which in turn leads to new questions.



Central to our ethos on inclusivity is personal storytelling where the camera and microphone ‘become the pen’, a cathartic and reflexive toolset. This opens up an ethical accord in which we empathise with our human’s connections through deep listening.

“… We are the go-to forum working with First Nations Broadcasting, Multicultural Broadcasting and Diverse Broadcasting.”


Participatory Methodology

Community Television Broadcasting Ltd is a contemporary approach to community interaction with individuals and organisations. Through a participatory methodology, co-development occurs within an agreed cultural and consent driven framework.

“… Our point of difference is that we bring people together in a network of affiliation, partnerships and internship, diffusing of our strengths into our internship and volunteer foundations.”