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By Aubrey Alphonse Ligomeka

11 July 2022

About 87 members from a total of 7 different women groups on Thursday 7th 2022 received a donation of mobile phones which will be used in their village bank savings groups in order to avoid them from keeping huge sums of money in their respective groups.

The event which took place at Ehlekweni Community which is the headquarters for Ehlekweni Community Based Organisation (ECBO) in Mzimba district, Ekwendeni, Northern Region of Malawi.

Women posing for a group photo after receiving the gadgets

According to the Director of the ECBO, Mr Manson Soko, his Organisation requested funding from the Joyce Banda Foundation under the women empowerment programs to support women.

The Foundation is working with Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM) through its project called Mwai Women and it is being implemented under the TNM PLC’s project known as Mudzi Wathu Initiative which was launched in July 2021 and aims to provide affordable phones to communities across the country as well as empowering the youth through various businesses opportunities.

This is to empower women with different resources aimed at boosting their already existing small scale businesses so that they must not only be depending on their husbands but also for themselves to be able to provide whatever they can provide for their families. Soon they will also be provided with loans.