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The Meal After Meal Balanced Diet Campaign

By Aubrey Alphonse Ligomeka

Malawi Africa

Lack of well-balanced diet and lack of physical exercises are the main causes of rapid increase of non-communicable diseases (NCD) such as diabetes, hypertension and blood pressure just to mention a few that are killing a lot of people both in rural and urban areas.

As one way of trying to prevent the rapid increase of these diseases, Community Forum Organisation (COFO) has launched a campaign dubbed ‘Meal After Meal to Supress Non-Communicable Diseases’ in Chikwawa district.

Amongst the activities in this campaign launch, the organisation had a food demonstration at its office. The organisation invited its support groups, youth clubs, community leaders, District NCD Director in the Ministry of Health, nutrition supervisors in the Ministry of Agriculture and other members.

The activities are aimed at teaching people how they can prepare nutritious food locally, to prevent malnutrition diseases in children and non-communicable diseases at large.

Well-prepared food and below nutritious fruits during the demonstration at COFO Offices. (Photos by Joshua Malunga)

Community Forum Organisation (COFO) is one of the leading non-profitable local organisation based in Chikwawa district. The organisation focuses in the areas of education, sports and health and the wellbeing of the ordinary citizens while agriculture and livelihood are its main objectives.

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