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A wide range of artists create new, unique content in Perth Western Australia that goes global and influences the music markets.

Top local producers go global.

Featuring Kreem with Benn Madz

Original local musician Senzangakhona Nizimah with producer Benn Madz presented their collaboration on RTRfm 92.1 with radio host General Justice.

Pass the Song Along, written by Bernard Carney, was the signature song for Sing for Health Week in 2017. Bernard wrote the song for everyone to have fun singing and promote the health benefits of singing and being part of a community. Community Television was invited to cover the coming together of

Pass the Song Along

Sing for Health

An initiative of Bernard Carney to bring together eight choirs to perform at the Perth Concert Hall – those that participated are marginalized within the community and to gain such an opportunity is rare. Sing for Health is an initiative to bring joy and happiness to the homeless, mentally ill and marginalized sectors…

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