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Motorcycles to the Rescue


10 April 2024

Motorcycles to the Rescue

Unemployment has been a torn in the flesh of many Nigerians. Gone are the days companies and industries send employment invitation letters to graduating students during convocations. Today, there are many graduates in Nigeria with no jobs to survive.

In 2023, the Labour force revealed Nigeria unemployment surged to 5.0 percent. This development proves there are many skilled and unskilled individuals languishing in abject poverty with no job to cater for their essential needs.

The Federal government of Nigeria are no more the largest employer in the country. So, they advised affected citizens to be self employed by acquiring of skills whilst some government units also embarked on empowerment programs to lead the way. Yet, some were not encouraged because they need an immediate financial provider to support their families. Hence, commercial motorcycling has been a means of survival for many. It could be direct service to people or indirect service as dispatch riders for firms.

Today, motorcycling serves as a temporary job provider to many. Riders are able to pay their bills, support their families and also acquire properties through the service, however, they are faced with challenges from government policies, heavy ticketing levies, insecurities, bad roads and hikes in the price of fuel.

An interview with Stevie, a career motorcyclist, revealed the need for support from the government to help in road construction to prevent road accidents, the reduction in levies, more favourable policies and a drastic reduction in price of fuel.

What do you think about their request and how can they be supported?

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