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Community Television Broadcasting 

CTB is the first community television station in Australia to transition to 100% streaming television according to the Federal Government Direction in the Broadcasting Services Act 1992.

Since June 2020 after the Federal Government direction abolished community television free-to-air radio frequency platform access – Community Television Broadcasting Inc. devised the transition strategy as a streaming television platform.

Youth involved with CTB capitalize and harness social media platforms to gain CTB television station momentum to live stream on YouTube, Face Book, Twitter and in the near future Smart TV plus Android and Apple apps.

Our model is to engage the community as CTB storytellers. Trained CTB teams film, edit and broadcast their own news and current affairs, make documentaries, educational programmes, learn sports coverage and profile lifestyle programmes. Community Television Broadcasting Inc. will play community television unique content for the streaming programme schedule. Federal government content grants are accessible for us.

We provide regular updates to the ABC Board on our progress. Our long-term strategy is to be picked up beside two existing community television stations SBS and NITV through the national broadcaster’s tower with ABC. It is our desire to return to the free-to-air platform as streaming community television. Come June 2021 Melbourne and Adelaide will lose their free-to-air community television license as ACMA shuts them down. Still as television broadcasters making 24/7 content with a possible 2 million viewers without a viewing platform our aim is to harness this or alternatively rally for the once promised 6th channel.


CTB’s specializes in the positive person, positive business aspects, positive concepts, positive products, positive social management strategies and positive enterprises. We are on the cutting edge to change the mantra with First Nation’s, Multicultural and Diverse Broadcasting. Community Television Broadcasting Inc. will flip the switch and change dialogue. New information in the form of video messages represents new light in the existing media landscape.

We at Community Television Broadcasting Inc. deliver to you a product unique to your people, your own representation; with your encouragement of our service we in turn become a self-sustaining model which facilitates our own voice to reflect the news and current affairs of our demographics. Matters of local significance go global.

I invite you to utilize Community Television Broadcasting Inc. to enable all of us to facilitate our training sector as we aspire to be like the Al Jazeera of Perth. We are intuitive, caring human beings whom wish to bring harmony, peace and goodwill through telling your narrative. Our youth will see role-models, aspiring super-stars; all from our own wealth, our own local media community.

With screenings and live events at Backlot Cinema, we work with the cinematic environment to make live streaming television using the interactive cinema screen. Live audience bookings will be an income source to assist with our facility housed at the ABC East Perth Studios. New artists, guest speakers, panel shows present topics that matter to our communities. CTB provides high level entertainment experiences for our audiences. In conjunction, our TV studios at ABC East Perth train teams in technical aspects of design, production and transmitting television content.

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