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Tigray community enjoyed the Africa Cup Day 2021 and shared their concerns over the rebel vs Ethiopian Government war where over 100,000 citizens are now dead with widespread chaos and trauma.

Africa Day Cup 2021

26 June 2021

Africa Day Cup played a new date after a May day lockdown 2021 saw 26 June 2021 celebrations enjoy a warm winter day as Karen claimed the cup.

26th June 2021 Africa Day Cup

WA Day Festival 

6 June 2021

The hugely renown WA Day Festival returns to the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour and Bathers Beach on Sunday 6 June 2021 a day of celebration of our Western Australian community. A time to come together to celebrate, share and value cultural diversity.

Community Champions

Australian Museum of Motion Picture and Television

Save the Film and Television archives

Sunset Heritage Complex, Block A, 80 Birdwood Parade, Dalkeith

Located at Sunset Heritage Complex, Block A, 80 Birdwood Parade, Dalkeith is a treasure trove of cinema and television history. All items were destined for the rubbish dump all in working order but saved by this club. The plea is that the McGowan Government will accept this treasure and help give it a home for education and tourism. @Western Australian Television and Radio, @Pictures in Motion Museum of Film and Television

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