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Coach Robert Turner establishes integrated football team

Article by Ravneet Kaur

06 October 2021

“It is raw, pure, emotion football. ” – Robert Turner

Perth’s Integrated All Abilities Division A finalists Willetton and Coolbinia battled it out at the Kelmscott Bulldogs Football Club for the cup on the 21 August 2021 with Willetton defeating the reigning champions at 45-26.

Kelmscott Bulldogs Football Club coach Robert Turner established the club’s first Integrated team earlier this year to provide a platform to those living with disability to participate in Australia’s biggest sport, AFL.

With the 2021 inaugural season finished, Robert Turner looks back on the progress made this year.

Kelmscott Bulldogs Football Club coach Robert Turner

Whilst Kelmscott’s Integrated team finished second bottom on the ladder, the clubs football director and team coach said this was not a loss.

“We started with seven players back in April, and now finished the season with 18.  Having nearly 50 supporters and people involved is huge, so we will keep getting bigger and bigger,” he said.

“The key word there is growth and development.

“I could give you a story about every single player.

“You can just feel the atmosphere.

“It is raw, pure, emotion football,” Turner said.

Kelmscott player Larry said the team had developed their skills very well during the training.

“The players have got a strong bond and if I am playing well, they will let me know,” he said.

Minister for Sports and Member for Armadale Dr Tony Buti has supported Robert, the Integrated league and all of its volunteers during the sporting season this year.

“It is great to have what we have got behind us right now with all the political people. Our local community is comes down to support us and offers funding as well.

Richard Polden Photography

“Tony himself has come to the field twice and helped me to the coach the team” Turner said.

In Australia, around one in five people live with a disability, and participation in sport for those over the age of 15 is only 24 per cent, just over a third of those without disabilities, which stands at 64 per cent.

Photo by Crystal Choong Kelmscott Integrated Sports Football Club

The Kelmscott Integrated Football Team and the Perth Football League will continue their season next year in 2022 and would welcome anyone who wants to play.

For more information, please contact Robert Turner on

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Single use water bottle days are numbered at Edith Cowan University Western Australia

  • Vice-Chancellor Professor Steve Chapman CBE and student Ana Neves show off bottles being phased out at ECU.

ECU will begin phasing out single use plastic water bottles and straws across its three campuses as part of a joint initiative with the ECU Guild.

ECU is believed to be the first WA University to limit the use of plastic water bottles on campus.

Similarly, the ECU Guild has pledged to no longer permit the sale of single use plastic water bottles at its events, instead providing hydration stations.

The University is also investigating:

  • Increasing the number of water fountains on campus
  • Discussing with commercial tenants alternatives to single use water bottles
  • Offering free or discounted multi-use water bottles on campus

ECU Vice-Chancellor Professor Steve Chapman CBE said it was a big step forward for the University.

“With around 30,000 students and 1800 staff, we can make a huge difference by taking this first step to limit single use plastic water bottles at our campus events,” Professor Chapman said.

“This is not a ban. This is about education and providing alternatives. By offering high quality, convenient options to students, staff and visitors, we are confident we can reduce the demand for single use plastic water bottles on our campuses.

Fast facts:

  • Although plastic bottles are recyclable, many end up in landfill and take up to 1000 years to break down.
  • Single use water bottles are among the top ten most common items picked up during Clean Up Australia Day.