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By Aubrey Alphonse Ligomeka

26 April 2022

On Thursday, Traditional Authority (T/A) Gogo Chalo of Mtumbwinda and other senior group village leaders stormed the offices of Development Youth Network (DENEYE) Organisation in the Eastern Region of Malawi, Machinga District just to appreciate some of the recommendable projects that the youth – led organisation is doing in the district.

T/A Mtumbwinda (seated) posing for a group photo with his Senior group headmen – Photo Courtesy of Shalid Ishmael

According to the Executive Director of the Organisation Mr. Shalid Ishmael, the chiefs visited in order to appreciate the good working relationship currently existing between them. The just launched project is aimed at eliminating harmful cultural practices and ending child marriages at large.

This project is voluntarily done without any funding and it was launched after the community members observed that a lot of adolescent girls from the area especially in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Mtumbwinda were dropping out of school and entered into early marriages due to unplanned pregnancies.

On his part Mr. Lanjesi Masale, a representative of Area Development Committee (ADC), promised to offer continued support to the Organisation on good work it is doing but also the Deputy Programs Manager. The Organisation appreciated the chiefs for their support and timely coordination they always receive from the communities and also pleaded with the well-wishers to support them with funds in order to end child marriages and bring back a lot of adolescent girls back to school. The meeting took place in Chipolonga in the District.

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