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VOA master's of ceremonies warming up for a dance, Malawi, Ligowe trading center in the Southern Region of Malawi.

By Aubrey Alphonse Ligomeka

08 December 2022

The Voice of Accountability (VOA) on Wednesday afternoon stormed Neno district with a Public Finance Management (PFM) awareness campaign roadshow and the event took place at Ligowe trading center in the Southern Region of Malawi.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Owen Lupeska, who is the moderator of VOA roadshows said that the ordinary citizens should not be afraid to raise/voice out their concerns and/or comment on how public funds meant for development programs are being managed by those who are responsible for handling the funds.

The VOA team on stage
Part of the gathering (Pictures Courtesy of Aubrey Alphonse Ligomeka)

The VOA team entertained the people who gathered at the trading center with different songs but also distributed Saopa Comic books and some gifts at Ligowe primary school in the district.

The project which is called ‘Chuma cha Dziko’ is being implemented by The Voice of Accountability (VOA) in all the 28 districts across Malawi is part of a European Union (EU) – funded project. VOA produces weekly radio and television programs titled ‘Kulondoloza’ which are aimed at sensitizing people in the rural communities on Public Finance Management (PFM) issues. Each district has a well-trained Young Mobile Journalist (YOMOJO) who are drilled in various journalism skills on how to report on public finance stories.


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