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The modern message stick of today the old ways to the new ways, cultural connections to enrich the lives of elders, mums and bubs, mentors and leaders and provide pathways to employment. We offer broad benefits that extend beyond our organisation to represent local community by gathering news and current affairs stories and profiling achievements.

Diverse Australia is an ongoing television programme which reflects Australia’s (WA’s) diverse communities and illustrates how we all belong together and share this lucky country, the best country in the world; the land of opportunity and grace.

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It’s a new song that we wanted to try for the first time. It is a song of gratitude to our Lord for all these benefits. “Yoga” which means pride.

As we all know, media is a powerful tool of motivation.

People from multicultural backgrounds feel like they are not well represented in the media and they look forward to seeing people like them who are prospering in the society and are featured in media regularly.

When the younger generation of diverse background sees people like them broadcast in the forum, this empowers them and opens up an avenue for them to emulate the good deeds of the people they see as their mentor. Media is an opportunity for people to showcase their talents, to show the people of Australia how they contribute in making Australia a better place for future generations. This television programme highlights the positive impact of our mentors, our leaders, and our community members and gives us the opportunity to interact with them directly. We go directly into various diverse communities and listen – we hear from the leaders and community members and see how living in Australia has changed their life for the better.

Diverse Australia is an avenue, a voice with shared experiences of living in the best country in the world.

Diverse Australia

is a peaceful exchange of intellectual ideas amongst peers of different backgrounds. We talk with professionals, politicians, entertainers, influencers and people around the community who share their story and open our minds as they speak out, share feelings and joy. Diverse Australia demonstrates our peaceful functioning society with cultural values that are passed down to younger generations alongside their understanding of their Australian values which much be adhered to strictly.

A peaceful exchange of intellectual ideas, amongst peers of different cultural backgrounds.

This television programme motivates the leaders of tomorrow, gives them an opportunity to freely engage, express themselves and demonstrate critical thinking with structural analysis of events that buttress their points.

Community Representatives

Members of Parliament

Business Executives


Local government councillors


Multicultural Events

Health Care Facilitators (Mental Health, Domestic Violence prevention, Disability programmes and Elderly living)

Personalities – in sports, entertainment, crafts, fashion, role models, authors, filmmakers etc.

To gain and reflect our insight into the benefit of Diverse Australia to the growth and development of the Lucky Country.

  • Diverse professionals making an impact in the community

This will document the life, biography of people of diverse background making an impact in their communities either through sports, education, entertainment and in health care etc. They will share their experience through the interview about how they have transitioned into the Australian way of life.

  • Interviews with Government Officials

This segment will provide a snapshot into the world of Diplomats, City Councilors, Government Ministers, Members of Parliament.

  • Organisations that provide employment for the people of Australia

This segment will take us into the world of employers and employees to show the diversity of the workforce environment. This will give us an opportunity to show how Australia’s work environment is diverse and how it brings development into the Australian economy. We will be talking to executives of companies and employees in general and they will be sharing their views on the diversity of their workplace.

Community representatives from all the communities so we can have a dialogue, a talk where each community can express themselves and get to meet other community members

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